There  is a sweet spot in digital marketing: it's the place where online presence meets ideal audience in the most harmonious way. This is where the magic truly happens and we start seeing huge results. Let us help you find that spot.


Did you know, the quality of your website is just as powerful if not more powerful than the products or services your business offers? First impressions are everything and websites in today’s digital age need to be not only informative but engage the user end to end. You literally have seconds to convince each user to continue on their journey to find a solution, after all - Google is the world’s #1 problem solver!


PPC & Social Media Advertising is the cheapest and most effective way to generate new business in the modern era. With the ability to track user experience end-to-end and the tools to hyper-target your audience, it really is a no-brainer for business owners looking to skyrocket that ROI. With robust pixel tracking systems, you’ll have the ability to monitor website data and turn site visitors into paying clients.


Social media is the perfect platform to build real and lasting relationships with your current customer base and future prospects. You can see it as an incubation process that is primed through consistent and engaging content. Prospects will enter the relationship funnel and as the relationship develops you’ll see cold traffic quickly turning into warm leads which will subsequently become paying clients. It’s called social ‘networking’ for a reason!


Chatbots & messaging apps are smart and innovative ways to nurture your audience. These systems give you the ability to take each customer on an interactive journey through the buying cycle. What makes chatbots even more powerful is the ability to manage aftercare and drive social proof. With Facebook Messenger becoming the #1 communication app of all time there’s a very good chance your target audience is already using it, every single day.


Video is absolutely by far the most powerful creative form of content you can put out there. What better way to deliver a message than through visual storytelling. With online advertising platforms favoring video content more and more it’s clear to see why video is a crucial arm of any digital marketing strategy. With increased reach, lower cost-per-action, and insane results - video creation will not just convert but will give you the best bang for your buck!


With over 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is often the first place people look to find a product or service. The only way you’re going to stand out against your competition is with showstopping content from the website copy to powerful visuals. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and stock images. It’s time to turn it up with well a rounded content strategy that delivers results with purpose.


Boost your visibility in the local area with a solid & robust SEO strategy. Optimise your online presence to attract new business opportunities through targeted local search queries. Using the power of social proof and technical SEO we will look to dominate the rankings in both Google Search & Google My Business listings.


It is absolutely vital that your site is functional across all levels of SEO. Being able to maintain healthy search visibility is only achievable through a solid site structure & layout. To achieve this you’ll need to run in-depth technical site audits and speed tests to identify technical obstacles that are holding you back. Strengthening the weak links with a powerful SEO strategy will drive huge long term value and ROI.


Highly underrated but HUGELY powerful! Email marketing is such an effective tool for maintaining a strong lifetime value within your existing customer base. By creating effective, well-timed email campaigns you’ll be able to introduce fresh and exciting products to the people that believe in your brand the most. Plus what makes email marketing so great is that you’re able to slide straight into the inboxes of relevant and already primed buyers at a fraction of the cost of any other marketing platform.


Using a multi-platform sales approach alongside a targeted landing page experience will inevitability drive huge returns. Sales funnels are a great way to deliver hyper-targeted creatives and sales pitches alongside reviews & video testimonials. Funnels can often pick up bad press for their hard-lined sales approach but like everything in the marketing world - they are extremely effective and should be used with an airtight strategy!

WHy choose LUKA?

Our work within social media marketing, cost-per-click advertising and web design speaks for itself. We truly believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, that is why we deliver a personal, passionate and tailored services to each of our clients.

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