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Are you using Instagram Insights?

Adam Whitehouse
June 10, 2021

Do you have an instagram business account? Are you using insights to analyse user activity?


Instagram insights are a native feature that provides data in the cleanest and simplest way! You can consider it to be ‘Google Analytics’ for rookies! You can view a whole bunch of different statistics between your account or go even more granular and dial into post insights if you prefer.

He’s a few pieces of data that you can use to steer your business in the right direction;

#1 Follower Demographics

You’ll get a breakdown of ages, genders, countries and even cities. The data will give you insightful knowledge on your active customer base. There is no better way to understand your followers and assess whether you are targeting the right people!

#2 User Behaviour

Use the ‘Days’ / ‘Hours’ graphs at the bottom to get an idea of when your users are online and which days are a little quieter. This kind of knowledge is great when you are considering releasing new products or services. Logically it makes sense to post during peak periods, right?

#3 Post Engagement

You can dial into each post and see the numbers of saves, likes, comments and even shares (this feature is now not active on IG - but you get the point). Using post insights you can compare different posts against each other and see which content performs best!

#4 Instagram stories

You can access the story data from the insights homepage. You’ll get a full breakdown of all the data for the last 2 weeks. You can’t dial into each story here but what you can do is view them all side by side. Again it’s a great way to see what is working - and what’s not!

#5 Analyse Paid Promotions

If you decide to boost/promote posts or stories you can get some insightful data regarding each advertisement. Here you can view reach, impressions, engagement including some of the other demographic data (age, gender, location etc). We don’t suggest boosting/promoting posts but if you decide to go down that route these reports can be pretty handy!

In summary…

Instagram insights definitely aren’t a deep dive into the data like Google Analytics or Facebook Business Analytics - but it is a handy little tool to keep an eye on the engagement and impressions first and foremost. Use this valuable information to inspire the kind of content that will perform and steer away from the content that won’t.


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