Paid Ads

Facebook Ads: The 3 Stages of Targeting

Adam Whitehouse
June 2, 2021

Are you looking to run Facebook Ads and have no idea where to start?

Lets address the first and most important subject when it comes to any form of paid advertising... TARGET AUDIENCE.

Here are the 3 KEY stages of any form of advertising online;

1. Prospecting

Pretty much speaks for itself, this is where we'll use interest based targeting to really dial into our ideal audience. We can target based on location, age, gender, household income, marital status or even what kind of programs you enjoy watching on TV! Crazy right?! Or if you already have a bunch of data we can do advanced targeting based on user intent and like for like audiences.

2. Re-targeting

This is where the magic truly happens, you may or may not know, but most of the traffic that comes to your store/site does not convert on the first time around. Usually a user will visit your site a numbers of times before they eventually part with their cash and become a customer.

Heres where re-targeting comes in - we'll use some super cool facebook technology to deliver relevant ads that breed confidence and reminds the user that making a purchase or booking in a service is the BEST thing to do! What's even crazier is that we can even re-target them again based on their actions if they act on our first round of re-targeting.

Imagine someone knocking on your door and trying to sell you something - unfortunately you decide not to buy. A few hours later you subconsciously decide that you did want that product or service... well with the power of re-targeting we can put that opportunity in front of the ideal time and time again until they convert. GENIUS!

3. Re-marketing

Some people often get confused between re-targeting and re-marketing. The key difference is that re-marketing is 'usually' people that are already within your customer base - users that are already some how invested in your product or service. These are the best kind of people to try and 'sell' too. Makes sense right?

Here you should be looking to 'up-sell' further opportunity or 'add-ons' to your service. After all the key to any online business is to drive as much value through each client or customer. Of course this value needs to be omni-directional making sure that everyone wins!

If you have a product that has the ability to up-sell or increase 'cart value'. Use re-marketing techniques to drive product/service awareness to your already primed customer base.

In summary...

Not all targeting needs to be paid. Yes granted Facebook only delivers organic content to 1-3% of your following through social media. With that said it's pretty much impossible to prospect unless you are spending every minute of everyday constantly DMing people on Instagram to sell your product. Let's be honest that isn't sustainable!

BUT... what you can do is breed confidence through your social channels with a solid social media marketing strategy that will give your paid advertising campaign the support it needs to convert traffic into buyers.

That's enough from me, schedule a call with one of the team if you're looking to take your business to that next level.


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